SKY HIGH DTLA Mural Art Installment @ US Bank Tower Downtown Los Angeles

Mural Art Installment on the 72nd floor at the world famous US Bank Tower in Los Angeles California.
I was born and raised in Los Angeles I am a proud LA native and I love my city and rep my city like no other so this opportunity seemed like it was destined. I have a background in fashion design , interior design and art , and I absolutely I love merging all of the worlds together. For the mural I wanted to use visuals that represent Los Angeles I decided to use Marilyn Monroe who is a LA native, an icon and a strong sexy woman. Everyone knows that there is no LA without the LA Lakers and even more importantly without Kobe Bryant his hand print will forever be on LA’s heart so I decided to dress Marilyn in a Kobe jersey to represent his importance to the city. Marilyn is holding a heart balloon that says heal the hood because I think it’s very important to shine the light on the parts of Los Angeles that are not always seen on TV or in the media because Los Angeles is an extraordinary place but there are some parts that need help and not all of it is glamorous especially right now coming out of this pandemic. I think it’s important to restore our city back to the greatness that we all know it for. Also we know that LA is known for its palm trees it’s beautiful sunsets and the amazing weather that is like no other place, which makes it beach weather pretty much 10 months of the year so I incorporated a lot of blue to represent the ocean as well. Los Angeles presents so many amazing opportunities for all different walks of life which is why you kinda get a outerspace feeling and why I placed a UFO because in Los Angeles the sky is not the limit. I also wanted to use the Hollywood stars that are a staple and an iconic piece of Los Angeles.  I also incorporated construction and street signs that have important messages that need to get vocalize to the masses to create a sense of healing and oneness with everyone. I named the exit Star seed Lane because I wanted to represent a light that can be contagious that can help heal all of us as a people especially Los Angeles. Starseed Is a person who is spiritually aware, having a strong connection to the divine creator. Starseeds are said to be old soul sent back to earth to transform the world into the heaven on earth, A sort of reference of transforming Los Angeles back to its greatness. I also used my logo from my clothing brand The Beverly Hills which is a collection I created that I am so proud of being at LA native and representing my city when you think of Los Angeles a lot of times you think of the glamour and the lights in the Hollywood and Beverly Hills is one of the staple cities that we have so I thought it was important to incorporate that as well. I believe that the winding road going into the sunset shows a sense of hope also with the sign next to the road that the best is yet to come just to remind people to keep of optimistic view on life and that there is always room for growth improvement and greatness. I think it’s very important to incorporate positive messages in my fashion in my art and my creations to help spread positivity & light in any way possible.
Below are photos from the opening night of The SkyHigh Project DTLA